More than 7 years we continue to develop our packages of multichannel marketing
solutions, helping big brands to expand awareness and sales. Тake advantage of the
strategies of big brands and secure your growth. Be sharp …

What we’re passionate about?

We specialize in a wide range of traditional advertising and high-end digital marketing services, to offer end to
end solutions for complete campaigns coverage and brand’s growth. Should you consider marketing
with us, we will help you with a tailored combination of services and strategic planning to
optimise your budget and maximise results.


Outsourced marketing strategies


Outsourced graphic design. Print and banner design. Video production

Web Development

Outsourced UX design and website support

Digital Marketing

Integrated paid campaigns digital marketing


Outsourced advertising services

It's time for integrarted multichannel marketing

Let's Go 360°

Kaliga Group Ltd. is a Bulgaria-based marketing team of branding, strategy and interactive professionals. We help small to mid-size businesses maximize their growth through cost-effective marketing to ensure the best ROI on marketing euros invested.

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