7 Signs You’re Ready to Outsource Your Marketing

So now you’re probably wondering – hmm… should I be outsourcing? This sounds like me. There’s no exact formula for figuring out the answer to that question, but if you can identify with a number of the following statements, you might be a sure-fire candidate.

Alright, you asked for ‘em! If you’re still on the fence about outsourced marketing, here’s a look at seven solid reasons why it’s probably a smart solution for your business.

1. You Do Marketing Activities but You Have No Real Plan

There’s no limit to the kinds of projects and campaigns a marketing agency can produce. You can commission an agency to rebuild your website, plan and execute your social media strategy, design your print and digital ads, draft press releases and white papers, coordinate your tradeshow materials, ghostwrite your blogs and newsletters, etc. And they can do all of that in accordance with a strategic plan! Not to mention they can effectively analyze the results of said plan – and refine campaigns accordingly.

2. You Want to Get Out of the Weeds and Focus on Running / Growing Your Business

If you’re the entrepreneurial type, or you’re a sales executive or marketing manager simply overrun by the long list of marketing initiatives you’ve got on your mind 24/7, you could probably use some outsourced assistance. You might experience a feeling of euphoria once you’re finally able to really do what you do best, while the outsourced marketing team becomes the primary handler of your branding, communications collateral and website work.

3. Your Marketing Is Not Getting Done Consistently

So many business owners, and even dedicated marketing professionals, simply lack the bandwidth to regularly plan, produce and promote fresh content on their website pages, blogs and social channels. Unfortunately, this is important, not only for producing enough steam to see actual results, but for the search engines to recognize your company site as relevant. Consistency is key.

4. You Want/Need to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Ever see an awesome website, or a cool infographic, or even a super clever email that strikes a chord and then you think to yourself – man, I wish I could market to my target audience like that. Enter an outsourced marketing agency. They’ll provide the resources and expertise you need to upgrade your programs, sharpen your messaging and leverage the latest and greatest tools and channels.

5. You Believe You Can ”Let Go” And Partner With a Trusted Marketing Team

The best outsourced marketing engagements have a thick layer of trust built in. At the onset of the engagement, there may be a few growing pains – and surely, a reputable agency should prove themselves sooner than later to be effective and adaptable to your industry. But once that proof is in the pudding, giving up the majority of that “control” over your marketing is going to be a critical determinant of success. Can you handle that? If so, then outsourcing might be right for your business!

6. You Know You Can’t Get All The Skills You Need in a Single Hire

The beauty of outsourcing is the practically limitless access to resources. Adept in-house hires may be able to tackle content writing and strategy, email marketing, social and/or a number of other marketing categories – but can that individual additionally handle PPC campaigns, design work, optimization, and all the specialties today’s marketing landscape calls for in order to stand out? That’s unlikely. But by all means, if you happen to find a single jack-of-all-trades super specialist with every marketing skill and certification known to man, please let us know!

7. You Feel Overwhelmed by the Many Ways That Marketing Is Changing – And Changing Fast!

Who has the time to keep up with all the trends taking shape across the marketing world? Well… an agency does. The right firm’s employees live and breathe marketing, and because there’s a collection of marketers at each agency specializing in various areas, you know you’ve got all your bases covered.